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Hello! My name is Anna Munandar. I have been a photographer for over a decade with experience in portrait and editorial photography. My work has been published in magazines and billboards all over the world, including SF's very own GGMG Magazine. While I often travel, I'm based in San Francisco offering maternity, newborn, baby, kids, family, and pet portrait.

In my journey to create a happy and meaningful life, I found that capturing joy of others provides happiness to myself. I love capturing and immortalizing that wonderful family connection; the joy of welcoming newborn into the world, the joy of celebrating your kid's milestones, and celebrating your everyday joy.

My goal is for you and your kids to be reminded daily of the amazing moments you had with your family. Five or ten years from now, when you look at the family portraits taken by me, your heart is filled with happiness. That's what I want for you.

I absolutely love being around animals and babies. Their pure heart and loving nature warms my heart. Just like how I hope my photos will warm your hearts.

Your family photographer, Anna Munandar

Newborn Portrait - Newborn Portrait Session2-3 hour session at your homeLifestyle family portraitHome studio newborn portraitI bring my studio to your home for your convenienceGallery of 100+ photos to choose from$250 session fee$500- $1500 digital image and print package
Newborn Portrait

Newborn Portrait Session

  • 2-3 hour session at your home
  • Lifestyle family portrait
  • Home studio newborn portrait
  • I bring my studio to your home for your convenience
  • Gallery of 100+ photos to choose from
  • $250 session fee
  • $500- $1500 digital image and print package
Family Portrait - Family Portrait Session1 hour lifestyle family portraitfree session and location consultationGallery of 40+ photos to choose from$150 session fee$500- $1500 digital image and print package
Family Portrait

Family Portrait Session

  • 1 hour lifestyle family portrait
  • free session and location consultation
  • Gallery of 40+ photos to choose from
  • $150 session fee
  • $500- $1500 digital image and print package
Pet Portrait - Pet Portrait Session1 hour lifestyle/ studio pet portrait sessionGallery of 40+ photos to choose from$150 session fee$500- $1500 digital image and print package
Pet Portrait

Pet Portrait Session

  • 1 hour lifestyle/ studio pet portrait session
  • Gallery of 40+ photos to choose from
  • $150 session fee
  • $500- $1500 digital image and print package
Featured Session -
Featured Session


Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have tips on what to wear?
Avoid clothing with logos, cartoon characters, or bold text as they can be distracting. We want the focus of the photos to be you and the connection you have with your family. You'll get prep instructions prior to your session.
What is your session fee?
My session fee is $150 for signature family session and $250 for newborn session. Digital images and prints will need to be purchased separately. Clients usually invest $500 - $1500 per session, depending on their needs. Please refer to the Portrait Guide for detailed pricing.
Can grandparents and pets join the session?
Absolutely! All family members are welcome to join. We will pick the best location to accomodate all family members.
What if my kids/ pets won't cooperate?
Do not worry. I have photographed kids/ pets with varying personalities and moods. The best thing to do is to trust me and relax.
Do you have a studio?
The world is my studio. ;) My photo sessions are either at your home, park, or beach. I sometimes hold limited mini sessions at an indoor studio. Contact me for more details.
What if my house is a mess during the newborn in-home session?
Not to worry. I understand your struggle as parents of newborn. As long as we can move things around to make space for my setup, I can create beautiful photographs at your home.

I strive to provide memorable photo sessions for you. Here are some of my client's testimonials:

Anna has always been an absolute pleasure to work with. This is our 2nd year doing family portraits with her and the experience went as smooth as it could with an almost 3 year old toddler. We were so impressed by the photos she took of our family last year and how she was able to capture our son's personality in the picture. She let us choose both locations ourselves, but still came very prepared and well researched on where to find the best shots. I highly recommend her and look forward to utilizing her services year after year.


It was a pleasure working with Anna. She bonded with my kids right away, which made the photo shoot a breeze! She had great ideas for shots, but was also open to our feedback and suggestions on photo ops. The pictures are absolutely stunning. I would highly recommend her for your next family photo shoot.


Anna's work is amazing. We did a mini session with Anna at Ft. Point. Prior to the session, Anna asked me to fill out a questionnaire. One of the questions was: if we were looking at these photos years from now, what kind of emotion would I want them to convey? I wanted to see family and love. Anna captured our family beautifully. The love, family, and togetherness definitely comes through the photos. I was very impressed because 1) our family is difficult to capture well and 2) we've never met Anna before, so did not have the advantage to my kids being photographed by someone they've known for years. Thank you Anna!

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